Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pacific Science Center with Grandpa Swift

My mom found out we could go to the Pacific Science Center for 94 cents each. So we took everyone who wanted to go. Our group consisted of Jim, me, our 4 youngest children and my dad. The big kids didn't want to do much of anything besides movies and video games during break. With a group our size, it takes forever just to get out the door. We were making good time with very little traffic, for Seattle, when we had a little problem. Ashton got car sick. Of course we didn't think to pack extra clothes. We didn't want to go home, we were almost there. And going home would mean not going at all. Jim took off Ashton's shirt and put his fleece pullover on him. It looked really ridiculous. As soon as we got there I thought to buy him a new shirt in the gift shop, so all was well. Of course, all the other kids thought they needed new shirts too. We had a great time. It was nice to get out of the house.

This is a little area with sea creatures that the kids can touch.

This is a little kids area only. James loved this slide, he learned how to climb up the stairs and go down all by himself. He just kept doing it over and over. We had a hard time getting him away from it. He would have stayed there all day. Notice Ashton's new shirt.

The kids were able to crawl through a giant caterpillar they went in the mouth and came out the other end.

In the butterfly exhibit. If you look closely you might be able to see some cool butterflies.

Most everyone thought the '80's laser show was the best part of the day. When we entered they told us the best seats in the room were laying on the floor.