Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How Halloween Goes at the Abel's (although a little different this year)

This year Halloween was pretty easy at our house.  Besides Evan, the boys just picked out costumes we had in the dress up costume box.  Evan on the other hand, really wanted to be a mime.  He knew exactly what he wanted for his costume.  I went out to several stores looking for the pieces.  We were lucky enough to borrow many of them and only have to buy a few things.  He won a costume contest at a carnival we went to at the high school earlier in the week.  He really played the part too.  He wouldn’t do any talking, just lots of facial expressions and hand gestures.  I am sure it was especially hard because he was hanging out with his friends most of the night.  He was really good! 

At the kids elementary school they have a school Halloween parade every year.  The parents come and pack the gym and the cafeteria to watch the students, staff and teachers come through in their costumes.  This year the audience was pretty sparse.  We usually have a hard time finding seats, but this year about half the seats were open.  Not sure why, but it also seemed like we had a lot less trick or treaters in the neighborhood at night.  We still had many cars from other neighborhoods “visiting our neighborhood” for trick or treating, but not as many as usual.  I don’t think we had anyone ring our doorbell past 8:30, maybe even 8pm and we never even turned our light off Halloween night.  It was strange. 

We had our usual trunk or treat at church but it started at 5:30, which seamed pretty early to me. We didn’t have time to eat dinner before and it was still light outside when we got there.  You might not think the kids care about not having dinner before trick or treating.  But Halloween dinner is a big tradition in the Abel house and something the kids always talk about.  As a matter of fact it had been something they had been talking about for weeks (I thought maybe I would get off the hook this year, but no).  I had been busy the entire day making the Halloween dinner (one of the reasons I was so glad they chose costumes from the costume box).  I was pretty disappointed they weren’t going to be able to eat it while it was going to be fresh, but oh well, what can compete with candy!!  After the annual trunk or treat we drove to see some of our friends that we see every year, some of whom do special treats for our kids or just like to see them, then we did a few streets by our home.  Then finally home for the long awaited dinner….. 

Snake with protruding guts
broomsticks and witches fingers with fungus

q-tips with earwax

Evan left the chile can out the night before and the worms came out!


Vampires blood with their bloody teeth and eyeballs inside.  This is the only one we have every year because the kids request it.

   Dallen had a few friends come over who joined us for dinner after they were done trick or treating.  That is where a few of the extra snacks in the top picture came from (i.e. pop, wrapped cupcakes, pretzels) I don't think they knew what they had in store when we invited them to join us for dinner.   

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Honorable Mention for Evan on the News

Evan is famous!  He was mentioned on the news for something extraordinary, okay well maybe not.  Judge for yourself......
 (Make sure to watch the whole thing)