Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dedicated to Grandpa and Granny Swift

This post for (Great) Grandpa and Granny Swift.  My parents came to visit for the weekend.  They mentioned that they needed to take a lot of pictures while they were visiting.  They needed to blog about their weekend with us.  My grandparents had informed them, that they are able to see what all the other grand-kids and great grand-kids are doing, from my siblings blogs.  Since I never update my blog, they don't know how we are doing.  Sad huh?  I think it has been over a year since I made a post. A funny thing happened today so I thought I would share.......  It was a marathon weekend, which we have had a lot of lately.  I will try to post about this later.  Anyway, my mom had made a sample T-shirt for a Relief Society activity she was in charge of.  It was a tie dye one, and she did James' name on it.  Tonight I gave the T-shirt to James and he proceeded to put it on right away.  

 While our family was watching a movie together Ashton must have slipped away unnoticed.  When he returned I was shocked to see what he was wearing!  He must have thought that T-shirt was a good idea.  Since he is the artistic one in the family, he figured he could make his own.  Of course he didn't use a plain white T-shirt like Grandma did.