Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Annual Tradition

We have an annual tradition to go to Silverwood amusement park as a family. We usually go on Labor Day, but this year Labor Day was supposed to be rainy and cold so we went a few days early. Unfortunately, Amery couldn't come this year. She had a football game she had to preform at. We have some fantastic friends who worked at Silverwood this year and we so kind to save enough tickets to get us all in for free! We were even lucky enough to enjoy their company for a short amount of time while we were there. Thanks Greens, you guys are the best!!

This is the Panic Plunge. I rode a couple of rides like this at Lagoon, in Utah, many years ago.

This is a pretty cool roller coaster. You go through the whole thing forward then get to the end and you do the whole thing again backwards.

I didn't really ride on many rides. I spent most of my time with the little kids. I have learned the older I get, the more sick I seem to get on the rides. I love being with my family have a good time though.

No, I didn't let the little kids go on the scrambler by themselves :) I went with them. It just about did me in. I wasn't sure I would make it off before I got too sick. Lucky for everyone, I made it with out loosing my cookies.

James was so funny, he went on the scrambler and didn't seem very nervous at all. But as soon as the little kid squirrel cages started, the tamest ride in the park, (Dallen was probably too big, but they let him go with James) he cried and cried like he was scared to death. They had to let him off after one time around. Later he even went on the kiddy coaster without too much fuss. Maybe because I went on the other two rides with him.

I had the hardest time convincing Ashton to bring his helicopter down so I could get a good picture of him. He wanted to stay up high the whole time.

Dallen and Evan had a great time on the bumper cars and bumper boats trying to get each other.

James and my favorite part was the water. He loves playing in the water and I love the water tube rides. This is Jim on the middle slide.

And,of course, you can't go to Silverwood with out getting a funnel cake. Well at least Jarom can't :)

All in all, a great and exhausting day!

And The Winner Is........

I thought I would let you know that we decided to go with this choice for Jarom's senior picture. Thanks for all your opinions :) Also, I am having camera issues, that is one of the reasons it is taking me so long to get postings on my blog- that, and I'm sure the 6 kids and crazy schedule might have something to do with it!